BB TestAssistant

BB TestAssistant

It records your PC screen to make movies of any defects
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BB TestAssistant is an innovative test tool that makes accurate reporting of complex defects easy, and puts more information at the fingertips of developers.
It records your PC screen to make movies of any defects.

Start recording, then use the PC as normal. When you hit a defect, BB TestAssistant has it - and everything leading up to that point - on video.
Bring instant clarity to defect reports with zero effort by including movies of the incident.

BB TestAssistant integrates with Jira and Trac systems to easily create defect reports with movies attached.
BB TestAssistant gives developers a 360° view of what was happening at time of the failure, to assist rapid problem resolution.

It can collect and display logging data from the application under test and Windows, to show them alongside the video.

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